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trevormoffiet 11-30-2014 11:56 AM

To tyro: Noise Reduction
Hi John,
Thanks for your comments.
I first sharpen and apply noise reduction on the full size raw file in LR4. I don't reduce noise until it is completely eliminated. I leave some noise for the downsizing operation to take care of it.
I then make an individual slide and save the slide. (That is the process that I use in LR4 for placing the black border and the copyright text onto the image) . I don't know if anyone else does this but it avoids me having to muck around in Photoshop.
I then save the slide as a jpeg file at 100%quality (whatever that means). I proportionally size the image so that the black frame is approximately even around the image. (if the image had been cropped to 4700 by 2700, I would nominate that ratio of dimensions for the saved jpeg with the aim of having an image height of 850 or an image width of 1500; whatever is most suitable). The image is downsized in the process (depending on how much cropping I had done) and loses sharpness considerably. I resharpen the saved jpeg and apply noise reduction again if necessary. It is mostly not required in the second step. The downsizing operation seems to wipe out any of the remnant noise from the original large raw file.


tyro 11-30-2014 12:28 PM

Noise Reduction.......
Thank you, Trevor, for replying so quickly - and with some very useful information too.

I don't use Lightroom but I think I do pretty much the same as you do by applying noise reduction to the RAW file first and before I open the image in the usual Photoshop Elements window. I find the noise reducing filter in Elements doesn't really work very well and can introduce a lot of artefacts.

Actually, I did buy Lightroom 5 but didn't realise until after I had bought it that it won't work with my operating system which is still Vista. Perhaps I need to think about upgrading my computer some time soon but at the moment Vista still seems to work reasonably well and I've read so many negative things about Windows 8 and 8.1.

And thank you once again for some interesting information.

Kind Regards,


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