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tyro 10-16-2012 12:47 PM

To delpeoples: An excellent workshop.............
Ciao cara Lisa,

Yup, you're right - I was quite chuffed with this one! And I'm pleased that you like it.

Yesterday morning was very foggy/misty but I just took it into my head to take a walk around Lanark Loch - which I'd not done for quite some time. Normally, in good weather at least, the place is absolutely mobbed with kids, dogs and the hoi polloi of Lanarkshire but, if you go when the weather's not that great (but good for photography!) it can be quite quiet with just a few stalwart joggers sporting their bouncing boobs and gyrating lunchboxes.

One good thing about the limited dynamic range which camera sensors (and film, for that matter) have is that beams of light passing through mist appear much more contrasty and dramatic than they do to the human eye and so I suppose that's why this looks more striking than it actually did to my eyes when I took it. I just wish I had taken another shot a couple of seconds later so that the runner would have been just a tad closer. What I also found was that the camera didn't seem to be that good at judging the exposure in these sorts of situations so I had to set it to bracket the exposures which worked quite well. Generally it tended naturally to overexpose.

Yes, I do like your workshop - thank you very much for that! It certainly gets rid of the base of that tree which was "blocking" the lower left corner a bit too much. A great improvement!

After a glorious morning yesterday, it's now dark, cold and grey and pi**ing rain. Yuk.

Hee, hee. On a slightly different note, I had a message from Craig telling me I really must get a really wide angle lens - the fellow's really obsessed with that 8 - 16mm lens of his! Incidentally, that's why I had previously sent him a message asking him waht he thought of Sigma's 12 - 24mm lens which would be very similar on a full-frame camera. (I note that Silvio often takes pictures on his full-frame camera at 14mm focal length.) But Craig also mentioned that he had told you about his wonderful wide lens too - "you really wouldn't believe the difference a couple of millimetres can make" were his words: I didn't have the heart to tell him that the Lisa I know might appreciate a couple of extra inches but a couple of millimetres would be neither here nor there and really wouldn't be worth any excitement at all. :)

Un abbraccio,


delpeoples 10-16-2012 01:28 PM

Just A Few More Millimetres
hahahahahah inches...millimetres...beggars can't be choosers ;)

My actual response to your message is better repeated elsewhere, as this is a family website, but suffice to say that I needed to renew my Depends I was laughing so hard.

But back to photo talk and Craig's extra millimetres. Craig sent me the same message, and I can see why, his extra millimetres certainly can do impressive things. But I;ve always wondered what this really means on a full frame camera. I think I sent you a message or email a while back responding to your question about the lens. Who knows, perhaps Santy will fork out for a nice lens, but I seriously doubt it. I'm tempted to get the fish-eye lens if I was to get anything. What way are you leaning? (And I meant leaning as opposed to dressing).

Oh and I'm glad you liked the WS. I actually should have dragged the frame further to get rid of the shadow of the tree trunk, but you get the gist of what I was trying to do.

heheheheh e "gyrating lunchboxes" that ones gonna stay with me all day.

Un abbraccio

tyro 10-16-2012 01:59 PM

Ciao cara Lisa,

A Fisheye? Really? I'm not sure if I could think of anything less inspiring to buy! I could just imagine getting one, getting really excited and going and taking half a dozen really crazy pictures with it and then sticking it back in a drawer and never looking at it ever again. Do you really think that you would use it all that much?

On the other hand, that Sigma 12 - 24mm lens is pretty much just the same on a full-frame camera as Craig's 8 - 16mm one is on a cropped frame camera and I think that would be fair dinkum - as they say in Italy. You can read about it here.

Funnily enough, and on a completely different topic, I was interested to see a recent "Q.I." programme on TV with Stephen Fry. They mentioned the vegetable, the "Jerusalem artichoke" which is neither an artichoke nor does it have anything at all to do with Jerusalem. Do you know how it got its name? Apparently the flowers of the plant, like sunflowers, turn with the sun - and the Italian word "girasole" sounds not unlike "Jerusalem". How odd! Another bit of useless information with which to clog the memory banks.

Un abbraccio,


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