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annjackman 01-30-2016 02:47 PM

To tyro: Aberfeldy
Thanks John especially for your amusing comments as ever.
As you will have realised this was taken before our TE meet in 2013. The photo looks a little less bright on the TE page than I thought it would but then as Lisa once said TE has become rather 'beige' in many respects. This photo has actually had some extra PP work done in TOPAZ. The plugins are rather fun and suit some pics better than others. It does some quite respectable HDR-like effects and works seamlessly with Photoshop. It works very well with rusty cars so I might post one soon.
Kind Regards, Ann

tyro 01-30-2016 03:14 PM

Hi Ann,

Thank you for your message!

I've heard of Topaz but I've not tried it at all. Is it a bit like that other plugin called "Efex" which seems to be good for black and white pictures? Is it a freeby or do you have to pay for it? As you might know, I've subscribed to Photoshop CC (which also includes Lightroom) and I quite like it though it doesn't offer all that very much stuff more than Elements for me and it's pretty complicated to get the hang of it at first. But I shall persevere and gradually try to explore its deeper features. There's a rather good "Dehaze" filter in the RAW editor which not only allows you to get rid of haze and mist but can also help you to add those features - perhaps Lightroom has that too.

Does Topaz help boost contrasts and colours? You say it's good for pictures of rusty old cars - would it be any good for decrepit old men - a bit like Finnon Salts which Wilfred Pickles used to advertise so long ago? "Fortifies the Over Forties..." and all that? :)

Kind Regards,


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