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Default Re: To ScottHale: Teach us nothing ????

Such a great contributor, such great acting, such an great conclusion by you and the luke-ster but neither of you can slide enough slime off yourselves to say something about this great gentleman's photo?

Where is your participation BOYS?

What makes you so special?

What makes you think you can complain and cry and piss and moan about what I have said....then have some bone in your throat and cowardly hide under a phuckin rock like a slimeball.

Lukie can hardly count to ten, let alone estimate how much negative or positive anyone writes on here.
As to spending time, if Lukie would just spend more time on his photos and learning about photography, perhaps he wouldn't have to be so defensive. Lukie hasn't been on TrekLens in awhile.....why are you hiding lukie? ;)