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Default Old Images Revisited.....

Hi Ann,

Yes, it can often be quite rewarding revisiting old images - images which before you might just have cast aside - and seeing just what you can do with them with your more advanced editing abilities! I do have Lightroom but so far I haven't really "got into" it - perhaps I need to try and make some time to do that?

Have you ever thought of going for Photoshop CC? At around £8 or£9 a month it's not actually too expensive - when you consider other monthly outlays like 'phone, car, broadband and so on - and certainly a jolly sight cheaper than buying CS6 which, of course, is now starting to get longer in the tooth. I've never been tempted to use "pirate" software - I know some at our camera club do - I'm just too obsessive and would worry about viruses and spyware and suchlike, as well as the fact that it is really stealing - you wouldn't be surprised if you walked out of a store with a £700 television under your arm and got your collar felt by the boys in blue, so why should it be any different stealing software which is supposed to cost the same?

Happy Lightrooming!

Kind Regards,

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