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This is what changes:

The ability to mention that you'll be back tomorrow to give points and do it. It makes someone feel like points are being held over their head and if they don't go to that users gallery and give points, they will be withheld. In a way it's like extortion. It's a point-swapping effect and it does no good for the growth and "spirit" of this site. Points aren't that important to alot of people and most people would find that scenario silly but it happens. I know of one user, now that this rule has changed, still writes more than 20 critiques a day but he only gives his first 20 points to his buddies and then the other 8 or 9 (without points) he gives to the newcomers. Surely, what he's doing is within the TOS but does anyone think it helps the newcomers understand the point rating system or encourages them to post photos if they don't receive points? I have always thought that points were encouragement for the newcomers, something where they can mark how good their photos stack up against others in the OWN gallery. Now we have people with 20-30,000 points that seem like they wear them like a badge of honor. Anyway, no offense meant by what I've said, just trying to make understand that there are reasons for the new rule that not everyone thinks about. Even if I don't have the insight of the administration, I have been here awhile and have seen the point-swapping show in it's full glory!
It's not a big issue with most people and if it's not,
Sure, someone can pick out one or two sentences of what I've just said and stand it alone and make it look silly, but add the whole thing together and most people can see the idea behind what I've wrote.
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