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I really deplore the fact that we can't any longer edit our critique for more than 15' after we have posted them!
I usually make elaborate critiques, more about the subject of the photo thanthe technique in which I still have so much to learn!
So, I often want to come back on somethong I have written when I realise it isn't right.
The rules advise to write substantial, well-thought critiques. Well, I think this new measure doesn't encourage that, if we can't even correct a mistake that we happen to have made. 15' is often too short atime to do it in.

I have read in the forums the probable reasons for not being able to edit one's critiques: It would be to stop people who write more than 20 critiques a day, coming back the next day to add the smileys. I understand that.
But, couldn't it be separate? The actual critique editing and the smiley attribution.
I really hope the administration can do something about it.
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