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Default To Royaldevon: Weather....

Hello Bev,

Thank you for your kind words about this one! I'm pleased that you are not offended by the workshop picture - and I hope no moderator is either because, actually, this was all just good (clean!) fun, it was in a public place and people of all types and all ages were present.

And, actually, yesterday was a glorious day in Edinburgh. Like yourselves, we have had some very strange weather of late: lots and lots of prolonged heavy rains but occasional dry and sunny periods. And it's never been at all cold. So I find it's just pot luck what the weather's going to be. Last Sunday at the Biggar vintage rally the weather was atrocious - just as it was in your neck of the woods.

Such a shame about your plum tree. I hope that the main part of the tree is still viable. I'm not sure if you can ripen plums a bit like you can with tomatoes. But I'm sure that there must be some recipes in which you can use unripe plums - perhaps some chutney? I certainly remember that my mother used to make chutney with unripe tomatoes so maybe the same could be done with plums? Who knows? Maybe Mrs. Beeton would have an idea.

Kind Regards,


P.S. And I believe you have a new "passion wagon" as Len calls it. Enjoy!! Maybe could meet you at the Falkirk Wheel one day?
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