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Old 11-18-2005, 02:31 AM
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Default To tangerine: Manifestations II

Hello Krystian,
I don't quite understand your question - probably a launguage thing -but I'll tell you about this photo.

It was taken very near sunset. The sun is way out of frame, off the the left side of the picture, but, due to the cloud cover, there is no sunlight of the rock of beach near me. I used a gradual grey ND filter over the lens whilst taking the shot. This has the effect of allowing correct exposure for the "land" element of the photo, without burning out the sky - hence the detail in the sky is retained. A side effect of this, however, since the filter cannot go "around" the rock, is a darkening of the top part of the rock. Sometimes this makes an interesting effect, a beneficial shadow, sometimes not. Here, I think it is fine and generally adds to the atmosphere of the photo.

You've got a nice looking gallery Krystian, and I'll pop back for a proper look around sometime soon.
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Old 11-18-2005, 03:17 AM
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Default Re: To tangerine: Manifestations II

thankyou for detailed information

myself i am using just the polarizer and UV filter [as a precaution for the lenses]. effect you are talking about i usually obtain later by mask and levels operations since i usually made a picture in a way it doesnt get burned in parts - then i usually do something with the parts that are too dark or doesnt have enought contrasts :)

i was thinking of buying myself IR filter but maybe i should consider this for diffrent kind of filters :)

once again - thankyou :)

p.s. it must have been crazy time. being there for such a shot time. i remember myself spending few days in new foundland - i had even slept in the forest not to miss anything, any second. pity is scans i have arent such good :)
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