To Furachan: all done..

  • Thanks Francis for your thoughts- they make excellent sense. The fact is that I'm getting tired of Polaroids.. and I suspect one was enough for everyone else as well. I'm looking forward to heading back to nice, old, comfortable black and white, so I just put this one up to finish the series. I liked it enough, but your thoughts were very helpful. I agree with you in many ways. Have a great day.

  • Re: To Furachan: all done..
    Didn't mean to hurt your feelings, Rosie, I just OWE you an honest statement, which have not always come easy to me. You know I am a steadfast and regular fan of your work, and I genuinely loved the first 2. This one, for me wnet astray, like an afterthoughts...
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    Hurt my feelings! Ha. No- it takes a whole lot more than your kind words to hurt my feelings. No, I'm seriously all done with the series and that's all I wanted- an afterthought is exactly what it is. I guess I get easily bored. I hope you'll always feel free to tell me exactly what you think- I'm not prone to bursting out in tears or anything, so don't worry about that. :)