Video publicity

  • Since last week when I display a page of Trek Earth on my computer, a publicity will start automatically .

    I understand publicity is a necessity for the site. Unfortunately I hate the way it is being used on each page of TE.

    I prefer to click on the publicity instead of being forced to view the video.


    Pierre Langlois
  • I have a similar problem. I do not get a video but I get the sound of the adverts.
    Regards, Ann
  • Hello,

    Is there a way for you to capture a screen shot of the ad and post it here so that we know what it is?
  • How do I do a screen capture?
  • It is near the bottom of each page, it is a publicity in a video that will start when we display the page.
  • Link to a page you are seeing it on?

    Describe the video? What company?

    Capturing a photo of the screen is different for each browser. Just google how to do it.
  • This is the link to the page where the publlicty show up at the bottom of the page.

    The publicity was about Pedigree dog food
  • Hi,
    I get the voiceover to ads when I am critiquing. Just got a advert that is really distracting when trying to critique.
    Regards, Ann
  • Adblock
    It's possible to use Adblock to remove publicity in any site
    I am not disturbed now
    Avec l’extension Adblock sur Chrome ou IE il est possible de supprimer toutes les publicités sur n'importe quel site
    C'est ce que j'utilise depuis longtemps