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Good Furachan 2006-07-06 4:47

I love the basic premise of this "polaroid" series as you know, Rosie. SO why am I not convinced by this one? It may be something as silly as the rows of shoes (feet) on the upper left - they irritate my eye somehow. Or maybe it's the too perfect alignment of doggie and the girl behind him, I just don't know. The flag is a nice, topical touch (a much overused, over brandished icon since 9/11 of course...)
I cannot make myself clear here, and yet something... The other two I commented on were an immediate "yes!" and Wham Bang, bravo, cool. Here I'm, kind of stuck but I feel I should like it more...than I do.
All the best,

Old 07-05-2006, 09:57 AM
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Default To designsoul: Thanks Sasa

The same thing happened to me long ago, click useful first and them... Note lost in the cyberspace.

I heard about your new government, but at least they havent tried to derogate the law, which is more than a threaht here from behalf our conservative party, still ruled from the shadow for the closest person to Lord Darth Vader we have here.

In fact my favorite photo of the Gay Pride was one that you wont see because it was too blur. A young mand carrying on a small banner whit a nice statement: "My rights guarantee yours". To have a law as the one we have here now concerning gay people talks about a level of freedom never know in this country before, and this is very important, specially in these days when a member of the european parlament that represent an ultra-conservative Polish party has declare at the parlament in Brussells that Franco´s dictatorship in Spain (one of the bloodiest wideworld) was very good and an exemple to follow (sometimes I think that the worse think that could come to polish people was to have a polish Pope). Well, this answer has become a letter, so here you have my first letter to you Sasa, the most european woman of Ottawa (I spent a summer in Montreal three years ago, pitty not to know you back then).
Take care.

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Old 07-07-2006, 03:45 AM
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Default Re: To designsoul: Thanks Sasa

Miguel, hola, terrible what you say, the level of insanity (=utter ignorance coupled with arrogance) is clear from what you quote about that astonishingly dark MP of the European Parliament. Good, good, write a letter, if you have an internet article, please write it to me and then I will also try to write to them. Please don't forget to include a repro of the Guernica in your letter...
As to your comment of most European... I do feel flattered... wish I can live up to it...
(In fact, life has been a bit hard for me as my father has been unwell... I hope there won't be a need for me to rush home.)
Take care, abrazos.
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