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Great trebuA 2010-08-10 15:15

Hello Urs,
Nice rural landscape with fine colors but I think the light balance can use some adjustments. The clouds are overexposed, the midtones are dark for such sunshine and the shadows are underexposed. If this is what you want, ok I don't say more. Otherwise, please have a look to the workshop.

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Default To trebuA: Surrounded by paddy in Yan

Hi Guy

Thanks for the critique and the WS. I went to your site, but there are no photos, fine, so I will respond to your critique by posting a thread. Since almost 30 years I work and live in this part of the world, South East Asia, and I even have two residence, one in Bangkok and another in Alor Star, where we currently are.

So I think a know a few things about the light in Malaysia. It is very bright and the colors are very vibrant, when there is sunshine. I already used a gradual gray Cokin filter no 4 for the sky, otherwise it would has been washed out. The picture was taken in May, when the paddy is deep green and not yellowish as in your WS. I agree that the clouds in my shot still are a bit overexposed, but I keep my editing to a bare minimal, photoshop 7.0 auto layer, auto contrast and auto color, that will do in most cases.

I prefer natural color hues. Moreover DPA Fotoreport, for whom I work among others, that's the German Press Agency, have strict rules how much you can edit.

How do you see that?

Best regards
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Old 08-11-2010, 12:38 PM
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Hello Urs,

Thank you for your reply, it is much appreciated.
Of course I believe you when you say: "I know the light in Malaysia. It is very bright and the colors are very vibrant, when there is sunshine." But that's just the problem, there is no one commercial camera on earth that handle high dynamics properly as it should be. I am far from professional, not even an amateur, just a photoshopper (hence no photographs only workshops on TE) but at least I know that for sure. Keeping this in mind, I think the best way is to set the camera to avoid overexposing in the first place because there is no way to recover it. But as a result of this setting, the midtones are too dark and the shadows are underexposed. That's also for sure and it has to be adjusted in post processing, no matter how as long as the image remains natural, that I agree with you. A wide base of common sence will help to appreciate images while processing them. My workshops are not always the best I know but at least they help pointing the flaws and that's the most important to me. Not everyone can say that, sometimes I even see worse workshops than mine and/or the original post (as in this case for example).
By the way, press agencies have their own priorities with strict rules because they want their pictures in a certain way of look no more no less and that's not always a reference for natural images in my opinion.
So, that's how I see it. I hope you will excuse my bad english.

Best regards,
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