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Great tyro 2015-06-13 7:39

Hello Ann,

Lovely to see you back! I presume that you've been away somewhere nice - perhaps taking more fine photographs? - but this is another lovely shot from your Hurtigruten trip last year.

You've shown us other lovely photographs from Hammerfest but this is simpler and stronger in composition than those, the curving line of the blue fence making an immensely strong "lead in" to the image. Not only that but the photograph is essentially monochrome save for the blue fence and the motif on the parking sign which is also perfectly placed in the frame.

And, by Geez, it certainly looks cold, the fallen snow, the falling snow and the cold light being testament to that.

A wonderful photograph with lovely light, a strong composition, fine colour and exquisite depth of field and sharpness.


Kind Regards,


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Default To ikeharel: Conflicts

Hi Ike
I enjoy our conversations around this topic.

I guess what I meant was me LIVING in a country with such conflict, living in a country is much different than just traveling there for 2 weeks. yes, I've traveled to such countries with conflict and I did enjoy the travels.
however we did come across a lot of cultural experiences which we did NOT agree with or enjoy - especially in india when it comes to how the women were treated by the men.

But I guess I don't want to speak about such negatives in my notes, I try to keep it positive and uplifting.

And I wanted to let you know that I talked to my friend a work yesterday about that incident in Jerusalem, he said not only did they throw eggs at them, but a few of the men ran up to the group and were kicking. some of the tour group members got kicked.

but he also said it was short, it was a 1 time only thing, and they understand.
it didn't ruin their holiday, and all members in the group enjoyed the overall experience tremendously. My friend Jim appreciated the apology from you

thanks again

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Sorry for interrupting.
I have also my memories. In Jerusalem, I stayed in a hotel near Damascus Gate. My first evening I wanted to visit my friend from school. I took a taxi from a hotel. The taxi driver didn't know where it was, and it was funny. He wanted ME to ask the people where the street was! So he stayed in a taxi and I got off , several times, and asked for the way. Was he unkind or afraid? After dinner my friend asked her another friend to take me back to the hotel. He was working in the museum near Jaffa Gate so I had the opportunity to visit it in the night. Impressive. The next days I walked alone in the whole city, even in the evening. I felt quite safe, probably I looked like just neutral tourist. Mea Shearim the day before Yom Kippur was incredible. Unfortunately I have no photos.
But after there was unpleasant event. My friends from the tour and me, we rented a car in Netanya and went to see some places around. We left a car on a parking and went sightseeing. I suppose it was Ramla, or maybe Lod. There was an old bridge there and a tomb of Saint George, (Not far from Tel Aviv). When we came back, a group of people was jumping on a car and later we discovered a small hole in the roof. We didn't know if it was earlier or not. We all had sleepless night but when we gave back the car, they didn't notice it.
Such things happen, even to me .

WArm regrads MAlgo

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