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Great fulvio52 2009-01-16 12:33

Hi, Kath.
Perhaps a better light display on the pole in your WS, but the main post is 100% the real thing. Everything I LOVE to see in a DASHING shot from Monument Valley is here, starting with... Totem Pole! Striking upward perspective and light management, both absolutely perfect, to enhance those wonderful bushes and ripples in the sand... reds, greens and yellows against that stunning, deep early morning blue are simply marvelous... Now, I don't give away green starts like candy, but you leave me no choice... And I'll memorize this view and take this specific photographic tour next time we are in the neighborhood. Awesome job, what else can I say... Monument Valley never looked better, TFS! Have a great evening, see ya later.

PS. I forgot : Clint Eastwood was the last one to stand on Totem Pole's top in "The Eiger Sanction" (1975)...

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Default To fulvio52: green star

Thank you once again for another star. You really do love this area don't you!?? ;D The guide was telling us about a recent car advert when the car was helicoptered onto the top of the pole. I'm pretty sure I have seen the advert about 2-3 years ago but can't for the life of me remember the make of car. I'm sure if it was shown in Holland you would remember it.
Take care
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Default Re: To fulvio52: green star

You are right about that commercial. I've never seen it and I remember somebody telling me it was Volkswagen but I can't vouch for that, after which Totem Pole got definitely closed to everybody.
Monument Valley? I go to MV like somebody else goes to Mecca. That's an original of mine, and the idea is exactly the same. I first saw MV in the legendary movie Stagecoach, in 1957... and wanted to go there ever since...
Have a nice weekend, see ya soon.
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