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Born in Helsinki, Finland, during World War II and sent (by air - less than one year old) to Sweden, where I grew up in Kalmar on the east coast. Now living in the city of Lund in the formerly Danish part of Sweden, which is known as Skĺne or (in English) Scania.

Retired ATCO since 2003-07-01 (see my ATC Towers theme).

Most evenings you'll find me at the Espresso House in downtown Lund - just opposite the main railway station. Go have a look!

TrekEarth dates:

2003-11-15: Joined.

2004-01-01: My first upload.

2006-05-28: Decided to take a needed break.

2007-11-06: Confirmed sale of one of my uploaded photos.
2007-11-14: Re-energized. Resumed uploading.

2008-01-25: Sale interrupted. Left me confused.
2008-04-19: Took a break, trying to figure out the E-510.
2008-10-16: Uploading again - shots in "auto" mode.

2009-03-28: Upgraded PhotoShop from PS7 to CS3
2009-05-18: Choose not to display points.
2009-05-25: The new design "allowed" me to display points again!

2010-05-09: Took a new break, as I didn't like the actions of some loud-voiced members in the Forum.

2011-02-01: Uploading again. Some newly scanned slides, mostly to see the reaction - and the overall action on the site.
2011-03-01: Went back to "sleep mode". Not posting; occasional comments - but observing.

2012-03-09: Uploading again - at a slow pace. Mainly photos shot with a brand new cell phone, during my trip in October 2011.

2013-03-16: Uploading photos from the pre-digital era - scanned diapositive and negative film, as well as color prints - in order to cover more countries.
2013-08-03: Uploading photos from my latest journey, including Holland, Belgium and France.

2014-05-27: Uploading from my archives, enjoying the new format, i.e. "the bigger - the better".
2014-08-21: Uploading photos from my latest journey, mainly to add more countries - this time from "eastern" Europe.

Camera dates:

1954-1962: Agfa Isolette I (6x6)
1963-1968: Contax III (24x36) [inherited from my father]

1968-1969: Kodak Instamatic 133 (24x24)
1969-1977: Agfa Optima 1A (24x36) [my ex-wife's]

1977-2003: Olympus OM1 (SLR, 24x36)
2003 . . . . . . Olympus C-2000Z (2MP) [borrowed]

2003-2008: Olympus C-750UZ (4MP)
2006-2008: Sony Ericsson K750i (cell phone, 2MP)
2008-2010: Sony Ericsson K850i (cell phone, 5MP)
2010-2011: Sony Ericsson Vivaz U5i (cell phone, 8MP)
2011-2014: Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray ST18i (cell phone, 8MP)
2012-2017: GoPro HD Hero2 (170° FishEye, 11MP)
2012-2018: Olympus SP-820UZ (14MP) [lost in Padova]
2014-2016: iPhone 5S (cell phone, 8MP) [gift to my son]

2008 -------> Olympus E-510 (dSLR, 4/3, 10MP)
2016 -------> iPhone 6S (cell phone, 12MP)
2017 -------> GoPro HD Hero5 (superwide, 12MP)
2019 -------> Olympus SP-100EE (16MP) [bought from Japan]

"It's not the equipment that makes the photographer."

My visits to TrekEarth nowadays are occasional and most certainly at random...

I've closed my TrekLens account 2009-03-25 and
I'm not active on TrekNature at all.
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Agfa Isolette I, Agfa Optima 1A, Contax III, GoPro HD Hero2, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6s, Kodak Instamatic, Olympus C-2000Z, Olympus C-750UZ, OLYMPUS E-510, Olympus OM1, Olympus SP 100EE, Olympus SP-820UZ, Sony Ericsson K 750i, Sony Ericsson K 850i, Sony Ericsson Vivaz U5i, Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 539 W: 240 N: 849] (2454)
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