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The Elephant Shrine
The Elephant Shrine (18)
Trip Date:2007-03-14 - 2007-03-15
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Countries visited:Nepal
Oglądane: 3440
This is an account of a pilgrimage to a place that is very special to me. This is to the site of the home town of the Lord Buddha. The Buddha, Siddhartha Gotama, was born in the year 623 in the forest of Lumbini. His mother, Mayadevi died shortly after his birth and the baby was taken to live in the palace of his father at Kapilvastu, 27 kilometers away, where his father was the King of the Sakaya people.

Legend says that Prince Siddhartha was brought up surrounded by beauty and luxury, eating the finest foods and bathing in lotus pools, serenaded by music played by beautiful women musicians. However, he became curious about the world outside his home and he made a series of journeys outside. Here saw old age, sickness and death. He realized the true nature of human existence as transitory, leading inexorably from birth to old age, suffering and death. He therefore decided to leave his palace and seek an answer to the problems of human existence, and to find true enlightenment.

In the dead of night he left his home and rode out of the Western Gate of the city towards the banks of the River, 50 kilometers away. Here he took of his royal robes, cut his hair and set forth on his life of a wandering ascetic. It was this journey that was to lead to his enlightenment and his discovery of the path that leads to the liberation from suffering and death for all humanity.