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sun rise in Villa Mar
sun rise in Villa Mar (8)
Trip Date:2004-10-12 - 2004-11-01
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Countries visited:Boliwia, Chile
Oglądane: 4443
We can't imagine the huge variety of landscapes we find inside this not so big area. Nature is impressive, especially for that people who was born in humid or warm places. In few time we can see the Ocean and climb to find some of the highest mountains in the world. We can find volcanoes, giant deserts of salt, cactii, geisers, strange geological shapes, colored lakes, snow, frezen streams, marvelous humble chapels, houses of adobe, etc.
Sometimes we think we are crossing lands of another planet. We can find marvelous colonial buildings and ruins from ancient civilizations. People in the highlands of Bolivia use their typical clothes in their day-by-day and sometimes we can see a scene of the past.
History is ever present here, Bolivian people miss their lost seashore and we can feel this in everyplace we go, in the name of the streets, in some of its museuns.