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Going to the deeeep south
Going to the deeeep south (10)
Trip Date:2007-10-05 - 2007-10-15
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Countries visited:Argentyna, Brazylia, Chile
Oglądane: 4084
I am living not so far from Argentinian borderline and I decided to take a bus and reach Puerto Iguazu, where I took a plane to Ushuaia city, crossing all the Argentinian territory.
Ushuaia is a beautiful town, located in a fantastic place, in front of Beagle channel and surrounded by Andes mountains.The city itself is interesting and have many old houses build by pionners, made of wood covered with metalic plaques. There are many museuns that told us about the region and its first unhabitants, including the Yamanas, an strange and pacif people who lived nude in that ever cold region and were killed by "civilization process" . That town was a famous prision place and this history is told there too. Despite this sad things of the past there are many interesting things to do around. We can took tour to know the little islands in the middle of the channel, full of wild life. I went to sail to "H island" , there is a special tour to do that. Other interesting thing is to visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park, crossing a cold forest, at side of the seashore or climb to Martial peak, in the outskirts of the town, where we can see a fabulous landscape. being a Brazilian I was surprised with the flowers during the spring and cause the stormy weather that can swap fast. A noon under snow was unforgetable for me..
After this I took a usual bus and crossed the Island that is huge. The landscape around Ushuaia is covered with hight peaks covered with snow while the eastern side of the island is flat and dry, full of lambs, savage gooses and ńandus. At noon I crossed the Strait of Magellan and arrived in Mainland, in Southern-Patagonia, it is a flat and arid region too. I arrived in the same day in Rio Gallegos, the main town in this region of Argentina, it isn't a tourist place but there are many interesting things to see and a nice museum ful, of skeletons of dinosaurs.
In the next day I crossed the flat empty region and reached El Calafate, a little and very lovely place that is the base to know one of the most impressives landscapes on Earth (Perito Moreno Glacier). In that place I saw the high barrier of ice and took a boat to see it too. In the next day I took a bus again, crossed more empty dry fields, crossed the borderline and arrived in Puerto Natales (Chile), that is another lovely place that is a base to know Torres del Paine NP, one of the most fantastic landscapes in the world too. No words or images can describe a place like that, full of lakes, high impressive peaks, a huge field of ice, glaciers, plants and animals. I think there are much things to do inside that area and even ten days is few time to know everything it shows.
I took a bus to south and arrived in Punta Arenas, the biggest town in the region. It is located in front Strait of Magellan and has many interesting buildings. Its cemetery is very beautiful and it is a tourist atraction itself. There are nice museuns there too. Around that town we can see Fuerte Bulnes, the first village build in that area and rebuild for tourism. Around the town there are 2 big colonies of penguins too and it is easy to visit them. After these days I took a plane here and went to Chiloé Island, located many kilometers north, but this will be described in my next travelog.