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Arriving in Chiloé Island
Arriving in Chiloé Island (12)
Trip Date:2007-10-16 - 2007-10-18
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Countries visited:Chile
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Chiloé archipelago isn't a very famous tourist region. What is good and no good at same time. These humid islands are located near of mainland, not so far from Andes mountains, located in the other side of the internal sea. The weather is humid during all year long, the western seashore is more humid and don't have so much population while the other side are located at side of an Internal sea, covered with many little islands where we can see net-boxes to create Salmons and other structures to create oisters. Most of the islands area is occupied by pastures and forests. The main cities in these islands are Castro, Quelon and Ancud.
If you like architecture, tradition, nature and rural landscapes you will like to know Chiloé. Some people says its landscape is similar with Ireland, northern-Spain and Portugal or Azores.
These islands were discovered and occupied by Spaniards during 16th century. After a big uprising of natives in the areas near these islands many towns were destroyed and that Spaniards came to Chiloé where they stayed safe and isolated during many centuries cause Spanish interests were in the other areas of South-America. The first Spaniards who arrived here mixed themselves with the natives, creating a new culture with Spanish and native roots. During its first years people who lived there received only a ship for year, connecting them with from Lima. During this rare days people from Chiloé got to exchange their products with the products that came from outside, anyway the prices were very hight and things they had to sold were cheap. Metals were rare in the islands and cause this people used to build most things they need in wood. The native woods of these islands were very strong and resistent and when the first jesuit priests arrived in the islands during 17th century and they begun to build churches using this timber. Today these old churches are considerated great pieces of architecture and many of them are protected like Treasure of mankind. Chiloé is one of the biggest islands in South-AMerica, it is easy to reach it cause it is very near of important towns like Puerto Montt and Valdivia. Crossing these islands, knowing its churches, its nature, history and traditions is a good way to discover the soul of Chiloé. I knew it during spring and I was happy with the colors of flowers. Anyway a tourist should be aware about the changeable weather in this region of Chile and to think that rain is its natural way-of-life.