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Trip Date:1998-01-11 - 1998-07-01
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Countries visited:Australia, Indonezja, Japonia, Meksyk, Stany Zjednoczone
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I had never left home before. So I left Québec city at the begining of the "verglas" winter in january (sorry people!)when i was 24 years old and travelled by bus from Québec to Montreal, then by plane to Toronto, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Bali (Indonésia), Stayed for a few months in Australia, then Wanted to stay a few weeks / Months in Bali again on my way back, but had to skip this part because i arrived in Bali on may 28, the very same day Suharto decided to quit, so it was total hell over there, so they transfered me to Tokyo, where i stayed a couple of hours at Narita Airport (HUGE!)then took a flight to San Diego where i stayed a couple of week at one of my penpal home, visited Tijuana in Mexico, then camed back at beggining of July because i only had 25 cents left in my pockets... it was a long trip, but i would do it again anytime... i will set up a website someday about all this.. i have to! ;-) since then, i found a new job, so i still gather my money aisde to travel... i was working at Videotron from 1999 to 2002, travelled to Tunisia and Paris in 2001, then we were on strike for over a year in 2002-2003, so now i work since one year at the justice departement in Montreal as a tech support and pray not to loose my job again and be able to travel someday ;-)