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Springtime in Valdivia
Springtime in Valdivia (16)
Trip Date:2007-10-19 - 2007-10-28
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Countries visited:Argentyna, Chile
Oglądane: 3799
When I went out of Chiloé island I took a bus to Valdivia city. It is an old colonial town but despite this there are few old monuments to see cause it was demolished by invadors and by earthquakes. Anyway it is a nice place to know with nice little surprises in the port. After that town I went to Pucón and Villarrica cities. In this area the lake and the volcano are amazing views, a magic landscape. I enjoyed the Huerquehue national park too and I can say it is amazing to be in contact with the power of Chilenian forest, its huge old trees, its lakes, its cascades, its mountains. --- Taking another bus I arrived in Puerto Montt, that is an important town in that region. It isn't a tourist atraction itself but for that ones who like photography it can give us lots of nice views, its most important area for tourism is Angelmó where you can enjoy sea food and buy a huge amount of artcraft. While in Puerto Mott I took a tour to know Puerto Varas, a very beautiful little town, romantic and tourist. The huge lake Llanquihué is like a little sea with the powerful Osorno volcano at side, creating another marvelous landscape. Going ahead, near Osorno, we can to know Petrohué rapids, a nice view created by it and , in the other side, the Todos Los Santos lake with huge snowy mountains around and very pure waters. Anyway, it was necessary to cross the borderline to know Bariloche, another famous tourist destination, located very near from this marvelous Chilenian landscapes. A little tour took me to know Victoria island navegating in Nahuel Huapi lake to see other areas inside a natural park full of forests and surrounded by high peaks. I took another tour to know the region of Cerro Tronador knowing more, falls, animals, forests, mountains, glaciars, and lakes. Bariloche itself is a lovely town where any especie of tourist can find something special to enjoy, it is a copy from a town from Alpinean region and you can enjoy shoping, architecture, flowers, monuments, landscapes and watch beautiful people. Chiloé archipelago is part of this region but I wanted to put it in an special travelogue.