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Trip Date:2008-10-06 - 2008-10-26
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Countries visited:Brazylia, Uruguay
Ogl±dane: 4328
I took a bus in Apucarana (northern-Paraná) and traveled all night long to arrive in Florianópolis (capital city of state of Santa Catarina). This town is located inside a big island and it is famous because its beaches but I wanted only to know better its central area and its historic meaning. At noon I took another bus to Laguna city, that is small but has many interesting historical buildings, with nice architecture and creative adornments. Around this town there are more interesting beaches, lakes and Santa Marta lighthouse and its village with marvelous landscapes.
Some days after I crossed important towns located in the lower areas near seashore and I went up to Serra do Rio do Rastro highway, surrounded by impressive abysses and curves in the middle of a marvelous landscape. Up there we are in the coldest region of Brazil and vegetation, climate and culture are different of the lower areas. I went to Urubici city, one of the coldest towns in Brazil, knowing fabulous natural lanscapes, full of cascades, araucaria forests, apple plantations, mountains, abysses and scenic roads. I visited São Joaquim and Lages that are located in the same cold region of Brazil and soon I went to State of Rio Grande do Sul , visiting Caxias do Sul.
In Cambará do Sul I visited impressive canyons and I visited Gramado and Canela, two little scenic towns surrounded by beautiful landscapes, these towns are famous tourist centers in Brazil and give to Brazilians a fake sense of being in Germany of Switzerland.
Going down to seashore I knew Porto Alegre (capital city of Rio Grande do Sul) and its interesting buildings, in another day, even under a strong storm, I visited Torres beach and its curious stone towers.
Going to south , ever by bus, I visited Pelotas and Rio Grande, cities full of historical buildings, full of art and history. Some kilometers at south I crossed borderline with Uruguay in Chui, visiting a Portuguese and a Spanish forts and a strange national park surrounded by beautiful beaches. Going ahead I visited one of the most famous tourist towns in South-America (Punta del Este) land of rich houses and expensive restaurants and hotels, point of exclusive people. In that region I knew some interesting places like the amazing Casa Pueblo and Piriápolis.
Not so far was Montevideo, the Uruguayan capital city, in that town I knew its monuments, buildings and urban parks and places I hadn’t visited in my first visit.