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Trip Date:2009-10-14 - 2009-10-24
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Countries visited:Boliwia, Brazylia
Oglądane: 3822
It was a short holyday, I had only 10 days and spent them going to the central part of South America. I took a flight from Londrina city (northern Paraná) and arrived in Cuiabá, the capital city of State of Mato Grosso. The city has a long history linked with gold and isolation; most part of its historical buildings were destroyed or modified, anyway there are interesting things to know there, the geographic center of South America, a place where the hot weather is impressive. Not so far from it I visited the highlands (Chapada dos Guimarăes), a place with lots of natural landscapes, cascades, abysses and stunning views from low lands of Pantanal.
Going fast to south, by bus, I visited Rondonópolis, an important town of central Brazil, surrounded by cereal plantations.
Soon I was in Campo Grande, the capital city of State of Mato Grosso do Sul, another important town without many tourist interest but very nice to know with its clean and beautiful streets and squares.
I took a tour and I stayed in a rustic camp inside Pantanal region, the largest flooded area in the world wide, full of savage animals, plants, rivers and interesting things to see. I was lucky to get one of the best guides in the area, seeing lots of savage animals in their natural environment, free, fighting for life.
I visited Corumbá city, considerate like the capital of Pantanal region, a city full of history and with interesting old buildings and nice views from Paraguay river.
The next stop was in Bonito and Jardim region, a place where nature created fabulous attractions like caves, rivers of very clear water full of fishes, stunning landscapes, full of animals and beauty.
Going back home, by bus, I visited important towns like Dourados and Umuarama, and I crossed the mighty Paraná river. Places without big meaning in tourist terms but very beautiful and interesting to visit.
With this travelogue I want to show you a little more about this part of Brazil, not so known by most people abroad.