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Trip Date:2010-08-11 - 2010-08-26
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Countries visited:Brazylia, Kolumbia
Oglądane: 3574
Here I want to show you the heart of Colombia, showing its most famous attractions and showing you some details I enjoyed while there.
Colombia swaps its weather according with altitude and we can find different cultures, plantations, and people according with this. While in its territory we can find marvelous museuns full of treasures from the ancient times to our days.
I begun my journey in Cartagena de Indias, showing all its colonial treasures, forts, museuns, colonial façades and churches. it is a magical place. I took a plane to reach Medellin, that is a huge town, some chaotic, but with interesting things to see and marvelous corners, not so far from there is Santa Fé de Antioquia, with its colonial streets , churches and buildings, and a some rustic aspect that send us to 16th century. After that I visited Armenia and took a bus to see Salento (a small colonial town , full of beautiful façades and colors), not so far is Valle de Cocora and its marvelous and tall wax palms, a fabulous natural scenery. Cali was my next stop, despite its progress the city preserved some colonial buildings and the area around the river is very nice. Popayan is a colonial town located at south, its colonial façades painted in white create a marvelous mood. Climbing the Andes mountains again I visited San Augustin region, a place full of ancient tombs, sculptures and marvelous natural attractions. The next stop was in Neiva, a hot town addorned with many sculptures, not so far from it is La Tatacoa desert, a hot ,dry and eroded area with curious shapes and textures. Coming up to Bogotá I visited its historical area, its marvelous museuns, the Montserrat area and while there I visited the small towns around like the colonial Villa de Leyva and its huge square, Tunja and its hint treasures and Zipaquirá and its fabulous salt's cathedral.
If you want to visit Colombia it is a fabulous place, full of interesting things to know.