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Hellcat 12-30-2021 12:05 AM

To kasianowak: Sepia or Black and White for Texture and Shape..Color for everything else
Hi Kasia! Hope you've been well. I remember reading an old photography instructional book- now I did not shoot so much film as some have, but my grandpa sure did. And he left me some very nice illustrated guides and a couple of Porst and Pentacon SLRs that I now use as..decoration for my room. But one of the books with quite a lot of nice examples pushed this point: textures and shapes are brought to attention better in sepia or BW. So their "recommendation" for the savvy photo enthusiast of the day was : always bring two (identical) cameras, same lens etc - one loaded with BW another with color and study the subject, see what applies best, then shoot. For me the concepts of "36 and that's it" at least until I get somewhere dark, and "see them later, take them really well right now" are excitingly alien, but surely the advice stuck with me... I try to recreate the atmosphere without observing the bright orange blouse of some guy that thought it looked cool... and without losing myself in the crowds as happens with most color pictures containing people... It was hard to argue with their advice today when it is so simple to shoot and post-process- but yes, some DO need monochrome treatment. What do you think about the Leica M8 Monochrome? A digital camera that could ONLY shoot BW? Too expensive for me but luckily mostly all my toys do have a BW exclusive mode. I lent my M50 to a non-photographer friend once..and to have a laugh I set it to BW and when she asked I explained the BW model was just cheaper so I hope she doesn't mind the lack of color... :D

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