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Hellcat 03-16-2022 05:58 PM

To pajaran: Yes for us it was "sifon"
I re-lived memories from more than 40 years ago.... unexpectedly. I did not know if anyone still uses /misses (?) these...In Romania it is called "sifon" -almost the same...and I have not seen any for -like I said- 40 years or more.But this little corner shop on a little street that time forgot was in operation, the owner said, since the 60's. They changed the compressor though 20 years ago.Bought one instantly for the equivalent of 2 euros- bottle and a fill.
The picture is not processed at all. It's the "art" mode from a compact from 2013- a Canon G1x mark II that some girl brought to the pawnshop. She kept it in an old make-up bag!!! The price was very low because "it does not focus properly"- one look at the lens and I understood-it was caked with powder and prints and cotton fibers...One good cleanup later and the pawn shop guy was feeling stupid...but I already paid so....hehehe

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