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Highmountains 09-02-2015 07:49 AM

To emka: High Altitude Sickness
Hi Malgo,
There is no known way to avoid High Altitude Sickness.
Not even good Acclimatisation. It can hit anyone any time.
And it is not always visible. General lethargy is the first sign of the sickness.
Less oxygen goes to the brain and hence prevents it from functioning normally.
People with a higher body mass are more susceptible to it, because they require a higher volume of oxygen to go into the body.
I am lucky that I'm thin..... and I have been to the mountains long enough to take preventive measures if I feel uncomfortable.
The only cure is to come down to lower altitudes.

Tonight, I will post a photograph of my wife Tanima sitting on that bench out there, Malgo..... The scene was truly breathtaking and she was mesmerised.

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