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zeca 07-10-2007 02:05 PM

To Burberry1: lens
Hello Agnieszka!
Thank you for your nice critique!
The lens is quite nice for a cheap lens, but I would prefer to buy a better one (like the 17-40 serie L) in the future. Why? Just because sometimes, when we expect a nice picture, the kit lens can be a little bit frustrating specially for little unsharpen details when I shoot far subjects. But I am happy with it know, because the price is nice and we can take some very nice pictures.
I ask about the lens to "agbonavita" a few days ago and he is 100% happy with the kit lens. So, I believe that it depend on your expectation, and what do you like to shoot on.
Feel free to ask about everything you want, Agnieszka!
Best regards from Brazil,

Burberry1 07-10-2007 02:12 PM

Re: To Burberry1: lens
Yes, of course I would prefer the "L" lens but it is quite expensive, I'll think about such ones in the future. I jus wanted to know what is it like when the light is bright and for example I would like to take some lanscapes pictures. U are the best proof that good photos mare always possible with a bit of fancy and good eye.
Now I do not shoot that often, I am thinking mainly about my vacations so I think that I will try the 18-55. If I am frustrated then I can always spend more money:-)

Thank U and all the best to You:))))

zeca 07-10-2007 05:34 PM

Re: To Burberry1: lens
Thatīs it. I did the same when I bought the kit lens first. Depending of our purposes, it can be satisfactory and I feel fine with it. But, since we are always searching for better results, the "L" is a dream to realize tomorrow. ;-D
With the post processing we have available today, we can almost always enhance the performance of cheap lenses. I have been using a cheap Tamrom 70-300 as well, with some nice results. However, I miss the stabilizer a lot. But it is the easyest way to play a little bit with some zooms without burn too many bucks.
Letīs keep in touch. Its always nice to talk about photography!
All the best to you too!

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