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Default To torben: Hard Words

Don't worry about the hard words buddy, I actually concur.

You are right on all fronts there. Even at the time I didn't think this was a great pic, and you're right when you said "it looks like you took this photo because your concept said you had to, not because you actually _saw_ a photo there." That's exactly what happened, I needed a shot of the railway station because it's an important part of the walk, but I was completely stumped as to how to do it.

I have considered deleting this (and quite a few other of the Main St pics actually--but a good handful still stand up I think) but decided to keep it on because all in all this project was a success. Not a success as in that I got shots that perfectly communicated what I saw in the street (in that regards I think that I failed on a few fronts), but it was the first time I sought out something (instead of just seeing, then shooting) and I learned a whole lot. Mostly I learned about my weaknesses.

However since this series I think my work has improved, and so I think that because of this, the Main St series was a success. If I were to do this series again it would be very different---one day I want to do just that.

So again, cheers man for your honesty, keep it up, and a big thanks for continuing your walk down Main!

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