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Default Booking transport in India

Yes Malgo, you're right... Tanzania, Indonesia, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Israel, Costa Rica... I have been to some 75 countries and only about 50 of them feature on my TE profile. But I'm improving! :-)
I'm not sure I would lie to US immigration. I might have to one day, as Alaska is on my travel list. :-D When I was applying for Bangladeshi visa, I got into a friendly chat with the consulate official who I'd just handed my passport and application form to. He asked, as if concerned about my safety, if I had been to Bangladesh before and if I knew anyone there. I answered I didn't know anyone there (which was kind of true, but only kind of, as I was, among all, visiting the family of a person I work with in the UK) and said I knew I would be ok as I had visited most of the countries in the region. "Ah, so you like to travel", said he. "Have you been to Israel?".
Alarm bells rang... I had been to Israel only 5 months earlier. Strictly speaking, it was not FORBIDDEN to travel to Bangladesh after having visited Israel but... I had read, on this very consulate's webpage, that it was not permitted for the citizens of Israel to travel to Bangladesh - an obvious sign of not so friendly relationship between the two countries. So I decided it was not prudent to admit I had just been there. Instead of lying (again) I chose to say: "Why would one want to go there??"
Better still, I visited IRAN 4 months after my visit to Israel. Having more than one passport is a blessing. In Israel, they don't stamp your passport, they give you a temporary ID card instead. But, as I was leaving Israel on foot, Jordanian Immigration Office decided to stamp my passport thus creating evidence where I had crossed the border. As I landed in Shiraz, Iranian immigration searched a lot of people but I, with my humble rucksack, was just waved through. As I unpacked my luggage in the hotel, I realised with a shock that I had a career bag covered in Hebrew alphabet - apparently enough to secure a return flight home straight from the arrival airport (a procedure referred to as "deportation". :-)
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