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Default Hello Krzysztof,

I usually don't edit my photos too much and until today I used the combination increase contrast + increase gamma correction, which usually doesn't look the best. Now I tried to decrease brightness + increase contrast and I think I got the result similar to your's. I thought histogram is a graph displaying the concentration of dark/bright colours in the picture. If there is a program which can do the "histogram adjustment" as you wrote to the workshop comment, please tell me which one is it. This photo needed this as well as my previous uploaded photo from Plzeň.

I'm not sure if things like cloning out people are allowed in the TrekEarth's Term of Services (allowed is "Touching up (dust, slight imperfections)", but I'm not sure if those people were "slight imperfection". Anyway, I prefer to publish images as they were taken even if there are some interferencing things on the picture.

Thanks for the workshop and have a nice day!

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