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Talking To lucasgalodoido: warming/polarizer

yes the polarizer helped a lot with hiding the wire- it caught some reflections and I could make it go away with a proper twist of the analyzer on the circular polarizer...I noted its warm golden color as most polarizers are blue/grey and it affects colors differently. They do offer black/blue ones too.. About the hue yes, Photoshop and a myriad other programs can do that too - I like free software myself, darktable is a nice alternative, or even is good enough for some quick edits. Still I like to edit minimally on PC, I try to make everything happen in camera- of course it does not always work and some magic is required but I got pretty riled up by a photographer friend that told me: in the days of film most photographers did not edit their pictures off-camera too much as it was very time consuming and so they tried to do stuff on the spot as much as possible. Fair, yes...nowadays we enjoy a lot of tools and software but if they could make it in the olden days, so must we be able to should we choose to. I choose to try my hand at this in an effort to familiarize myself with this camera (new to me).
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