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Default For Greece

Dear sir, I think you are wrong you are unhappy also be made an example REFERRED Greece, is unacceptable and bad comparison! I made many mistakes in your note. Because:

Like any approach to art and its projects, and so that apopeiromai with this note, moving into areas not just palpable and concrete. The approach also does not guarantee the conquest, even something that nobody wants, after a fortunately impossible complete understanding of art would preclude the dimension of mystery that justifies its presence.

The only way ultimately for the photographer to achieve the creation of the project is to continue working, multiplying the traces of the photographed world's collection, and for the viewer to look with lust any such impression. A photograph should elicit respect. Not with money, nor with the suspect often attempt to seduce.

But her presence, which should be an absolute and compelling proposal. Ie not allowing the viewer to question the sincerity of intentions, does not disclose a photographer who doubts, do not leave room to put heresy in time and space. Then the viewer even though the result has not contributed to takeoff, he bowed respectfully in front of an honest and dynamic presence who knows how to express an affirmation.
Nothing from the world of the senses is not transferred unchanged to the world of photography.
The most important things are said and not bonds. Meteora and always remain incomplete sentences, or whispered so softly, that only the echo reaches the receiver. Perhaps because the important things can never be absolutely certain, perhaps because they fear that what is uttered pale translation of our faith, if not betrayal, perhaps because we feel that when the meanings of words are clothed in ashes. So the picture that we see hides while failing to look, what to avoid drafting. And so we ask the help and complicity of the beholder ..
I salute you
I hope to go back and recall what you said about Greece!
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