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Default To rabani: Thanks!

Hello Rabani!
Yes, it has been a while!
I finally got some time to start posting pictures from my latest journey to Iceland.
I am glad you liked the pictures.
I have had some problems with thi one, it is taken with a old fashion camera, and since I don't own a scanner the developing company did the scanning.
The picture was small and of poor quality, and if I'd try to make it larger the quality would have been even worse. The large frame was a way to make it larger :) But I agree with you the more I look at it, a smaller frame would be appropriate.
I had to crop out a bit of the picture too, as it was an ugly, old barn on the right side.

Yes, Iceland sure is more than ice. Beautiful bays and magnificent mountains, covered in snow or clouds, green grass, waterfalls everywhere, lava deserts, volcanos, geysers, mysterious rock formations, and calm, beautiful lakes.

Glad to see you again, see you around TE :)
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