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Default Re: Lowering Workshop Postings -> 2/day

It's a tough call whichever route is taken. I'm not sure how practical restricting membership and having a waiting list would be. How many months of inactivity before somebody is removed from membership? I think it unlikely that many people would voluntarily leave the site. The active ones obviously want to stay and the others are probably unlikely to think about letting Adam know they are no longer participating. I can see why some people are not keen on restricting the number of workshop entries but Adam needs to find a balance somehow.
The multiple clubs idea sounds like a good one on the face of it but would also require quite a bit of work to manage I would think.
There is a danger that the popularity of the site could be its undoing and that would be in nobodies interest. I don't imagine that Adam came up with the suggestion without good reason and a lot of thought. I think we should go with his suggestion and see how it goes.
How many people thought cutting posts down to 1 per day was a bad idea?


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