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Default To Janice: Whakarewarewa

Thanks for the comment Janice. I love the mudpools... a favourite part of Rotorua and geothermal activity in general.

Yes, Whakarewarewa HAS changed alot... nowadays it's called 'Te Puia' too isn't it? I remember my mum telling me about the days when she would visit as a kid, with 'Queenie' (I think that was her name), one of the old local guides, sharing her culture because of the delight, rather than for profit. I also remember, even when I was a kid, the local boys jumping off the bridge for coins etc etc etc...
Sometimes with progress you loose the essence of a place eh?!

Hope you're having a great summer... I hear the weather is stunning! Here in Nagoya, Japan, we've had a pretty mild winter... a tiny bit of snow, and it's cold again today, but we got to 18 degrees over the weekend!!!

Mata ne, ka kite
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