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Default To delpeoples: holocaust

Hi Lisa!
please have a look at my intro.There you can read when I was born and please don`t make me responsible for things happened before this date. Or do you want to start a discussion about the holocaust,what happened with the aborigines in your country,the Indigenous peoples of America,or what the wikings did about 1000years ago.......?????
By the way,do you accuse italian people for what happened with christian people in Ancient Rome?????
You should read more carefully my note.
I wrote that I`m not happy how inconsequent the moderators moderate TE and how they treat some members.
And I wrote that will not upload photos for a long time,maybe forever.
The rest is your own,WRONG interpretation.
You call me arrogant!
and what is this Lisa:
"It wouldn't surprise me if you start blaming the Moderators for the Holocaust!"
Belive me,I`m sure I know much more about the holocaust and WW2 than you.Because of this I never had the chance to meet my granfathers and one grandmother and many other relatives, too.
My parents are refugees of war from Breslau/Silesia,now Wroclaw in Poland.
And I had no problem visiting this beautiful city a few years ago with my now 84 years old mother and sister and brother.
Lisa ,
not everybody, born after 45 is a Nazi in germany,thanks god it`s only less than 2 %.
sorry ,no green smile.........

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