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I've looked at your note alright. And your critiques. And your nasty messages. The hate you whip up against Greeks and Americans is appalling. Do you speak to people in real life the same way? The way that you spoke to the moderator Madam Porteplume yesterday, for example? If so, I am glad I only know you cyberly.

And now that I now know a bit about you and your sad family history, such intolerance and rudeness is even more difficult to understand.

Conversely, if you had bothered to ever look at anyone's photos other than your 5 daily "favourites", you would know something about me and would not have made the assumptions that you did. I say this mostly in respect of what you say about the aboriginal people of Australia. Look at this for example and you'll see what I mean: I

It's no good pointing out the world's genocides and saying "well your country's worse than mine because..."". Each of them are appalling on their own. But what have we learned from them? Judging from the way you treat other races, and people in general - absolutely nothing.

I understand that you have a visceral dislike of the moderators. I neither want to hear not care about the reasons for it. They do an unpaid job daily, and are the constant target of vitriolic and misdirected abuse. Put yourself in their position for once. Would you like to be spoken to the way you speak to them?

You're leaving because you were given the courtesy of being told that your photo did not confirm to the Rules. You know it does not, despite the compelling reason that you posted it. The Moderators have already made an exception for you by warning you that it broke the rules and again make an exception for you by not having taken it down already. And you throw a tantrum and say you're leaving because of it. Does it not sound ridiculous?

Then in parting, you insult the rest of us who are "lesser" photographers than you, the American and the Greeks. Wow, sorry if I can't join the rest of the sycophants in saying what a pity it is you're going. You critique only those 5 people who slavishly admire your photos, and ignore or put down the rest of us.

Frankly I couldn't care if you stay or go.


PS: No Green Smiley for me? I don't care mate, get over yourself.