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Hi ,
I just can't believe my eyes. The most wonderful thing in Trekearth, that I appreciate most, is that the only thing that counts is our passion to learn the world, to travel, the photography. And NOT the colour of skin, religion, nationality, level of education, age and many other. Leo didn't say anything against Greeks or Americans. I am deeply disgusted reading about all this national accusations. But let's leave the politics to politicians and return to photos and TOS. What exactly the rules has Leo violated posting the mushrooms and this last photo about the cover? Hoho, how generous Viviane was to warn him about removing the photo earlier. We all should be greateful. But her proposition to post it as WS to original photo was absurd. it was exceptional case and he asked us for advice. Who would look at the WS, even if it was on the forum?
You Lisa and Rosemary didn't want to post the photos because of the authors' rights. The case was somehow resolved and you came back. But do you know that there are at least three TE members who post most (and maybe all) photos that are stolen. And they are not removed, the photos and these members are still there. I know the names and the photos (and mods know them as well). Is it not the duty of the moderators to act in such a case rather then look for cats and toothbrushes? But it is a bit more difficult then just clicking a flower away.
You Lisa do not care if Leo is here or not (I do), but do you not miss here Giorgio Clementi and Paolo? And many others? Should I name them? Madame P. says that it was a mistake with Akita's photo. It is not the truth. Earlier after Aquila tragedy the photo of Giorgio was removed and later the photo dedicated to our dead Polish friend (active and appreciated TE member). And it was similar case, only the scale was different. The photos with HDR are also forbidden and they are here. What is the difference between the plate with mushrooms and the plate with pierogi? There are many photos with the family members and nothing happens. And it is forbidden too. I can see the point of view of Andrew or Keith and discuss things with them in a friendly way, trying to be objective, but with Madame P. it is not possible at all. She sees only rules (when she wants to see them) and hold the members in utter contempt.

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