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Post Sycophants

Dear Malgo

I really like you Malgo but here you are wrong. Leo/Andreas has been very insulting to Greeks and Americans, perhaps you chose to be willfully blind by not reading the reactions of Costantine and Brenda.

And Leo's silence on his treatment of the moderators is deafening. He speaks to them and about them like they were crap. And the rest of us lesser beings who call him on his hate-mongering, well we're just stupid, uneducated children to him. The arrogance stuns me.

I'm sorry Malgo but this sycophancy is sickening. I will not join you in your unquestioning worship of a man so full of bile. He says he's really a good guy, but he's very selective as to who he's kind to. Apparently only Burmese not Greeks merit his kindness. What rot.