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Default A few points...

Originally Posted by emka View Post
Hi ,
Leo didn't say anything against Greeks or Americans.
Hi Malgo.
I think you are mistaken here - Leo's comments about American companies and Germany propping up Greece were things that didn't need to be said, and do reflect an intemperate state of mind. They were certain to offend somebody.

What exactly the rules has Leo violated posting the mushrooms and this last photo about the cover? Hoho, how generous Viviane was to warn him about removing the photo earlier. We all should be greateful. But her proposition to post it as WS to original photo was absurd. it was exceptional case and he asked us for advice. Who would look at the WS, even if it was on the forum?
There is no need for sarcasm. The mushroom photo was simply a staged close-up of 'common objects', as Leo stated in his note:

"and to the moderators!!!!!
Of course this is a staged photo.....
Please let me know another way to show my today`s harvest......"

His tone is hardly serious; anyone could be forgiven for thinking he was being deliberately provocative in his mockery. As it happens, there were two other staged photos of vegetables or household objects removed on the same day or the next day. They are not the sorts of photos which are appropriate for TE; surely you can see that! If you are truly a lover of TE's good 'travel' photos, you should prefer to see such a photo on Trek Lens, I think.

As for the photo of the book cover, it was discussed by the moderators and we all agreed to leave it for a few days, but Leo was informed in pleasant tones that it would be removed eventually for infringing the TOS. The suggestion to make it a WS and start a forum thread was sensible, and not deserving of your derision. Several people responded to Leo's call for advice, but as far as I can see, he did not thank any of them, or thank the moderators for allowing his shot, which he knew was against the TOS, to remain in the gallery. His only response has been an outrageous reply to Viviane - "Thank you so much for writing in a language I don`t understand.......this is exactly the ignorance of the moderators mentioned in the latest forum thread." - a lot of bitterness and sheer malice directed at moderators and those who give undeserved points, and a grand statement of departure, causing several members to comment upon his bitterness.

But do you know that there are at least three TE members who post most (and maybe all) photos that are stolen. And they are not removed, the photos and these members are still there. I know the names and the photos (and mods know them as well).
I don't know who you are referring to, and no such members have been discussed recently by the moderators. I spent a lot of time a few months ago trying to establish that several new members from two countries were posting stolen photos for political purposes, and as a result they were all banned. If you know of any members who are posting stolen photos, please let me know as soon as possible their user names and the photos in question. I promise to act quickly if theft can be established.

You Lisa do not care if Leo is here or not (I do), but do you not miss here Giorgio Clementi and Paolo? And many others? Should I name them? Madame P. says that it was a mistake with Akita's photo. It is not the truth. Earlier after Aquila tragedy the photo of Giorgio was removed and later the photo dedicated to our dead Polish friend (active and appreciated TE member). And it was similar case, only the scale was different.
I think you must allow for errors of judgment being made, even those with unfortunate and regrettable results. Viviane admitted to this in the case of Akita, and should be believed. Sometimes, sadly, mistakes can't be undone because it is too late. In general, there is no reason why memorial or commemorative photos should not conform to the TOS, as some members recognised when they uploaded 10th anniversary shots.

The photos with HDR are also forbidden and they are here.
Actually, photos with HDR must not look different from normal photos, as the new item in the TOS states; I suggest you read it. They are removed if they are extreme, the same as over-processed shots. HDR should be a tool, not a genre. Of course, the results can be a matter of opinion, and there will always be members who disagree with decisions made. However, these are usually discussed by moderators and not removed unless there is a consensus. There will never be complete agreement about over-processing, but it's the moderators' discretion or judgment which members accepted when they signed up. To think we exercise that discretion without careful and serious thought is quite wrong.

There are many photos with the family members and nothing happens. And it is forbidden too.
Sometimes a member, usually a new one who has not read the TOS, will openly state, in his or her ignorance, 'this is a shot of my wife on the beach' or some such, but very often it is not obvious or cannot be proved that a person in the shot is a family member or friend. If you know for certain that a shot contains a family member or friend, please contact the moderators to inform them. All shots where there is a suspicion that a relative or friend is included are presented to the moderators for discussion; occasionally we just have to give the benefit of the doubt, unfortunately.

Finally, I also hate to see people leaving, whatever the reason. And that includes Leo, to whom I wrote quite a few critiques. I don't think his response this time was justified in any way. It's a needless departure, and I believe most members who knew him would agree with that.

You were dead right in your analysis of the falling uploads; it is a problem which needs urgent attention. It's a shame that sensible discussion of what may be done is often side-tracked into the usual mod-bashing exercise. I've also done some research into the membership, and I intend to start a GF thread when I have time and also have my thoughts in order.

Naturally, I hope to continue 'friendly' discussions with you, but I think you've made some statements here which are wrong or misleading.


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