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Probably this thread will be closed as not going in good direction, so I write short. I am in awkward position as I like Lisa very much. It would be very stupid thing if because of Leo's mushrooms we wouldn't remain friends. I am not sycophant of Leo (new word for me, English is not my language). I rarely comment his photos and he almost doesn't comment mine. I have read his 300 last critiques and I didn't found any trace of hate-mongering or racism, or nasty words. Quite contrary, all his critiques were honest and friendly. With his photos he inspired me like noone on TE and thanks to him I went to Burma and I visited the places I wouldn't see otherwise. It was one of my best trips and I am very grateful. I hoped to see the new photos from the trip he plans and I am sad I will not see them. Isn't it the mission of TE?
I really cannot understand all this hatred against him because of Americans and Greeks. I will give some examples and I hope that noone will be offended. If I wrote somewhere that Russians killed our president and 95 other innocent people (it is something that many people in Poland believe) does it mean I hate Russian people, would Serghei feel offended? My son is computer scientist and hate Microsoft. I suppose he has some reasons for it. He doesn't use any product of Microsoft and if I have problems with IE or Word he never helps me. It is an American big firm. Does it mean he has something against Americans? In Poland there are a lot of people that do not approve America's policy. Also, there is a lot of discussion about the help for Greece (and maybe other countries in future, like Portugal or Italy). And Poland has got a lot of money from EU. I can imagine in Germany there are more discussions about it and a lot of people do not like it. Everytime there is something with Greece, the currency rate changes and then I must pay more for my trips. But am I racist that hate Greeks? I feel pity for the people wherever they are. I read what Brenda and Georgios wrote but there are other Americans and Greeks on TE and they didn't reacted in such an exaggerated manner. Beside, Leo wrote it not in his note but only in 'private" communication with Brenda. Do you approve everything that your govenment does?

I admit Leo's words for mods were harsh. But a lot of people think that it is because of moderating that TE lost many members. (I am already on the first site of the most popular members. I don't think I am photographer, and I do not regard myself as someone chasing for points, I am just active. But I go quickly up because so many good photographers left or do not post). And it is because of the inconsequences. (Yes, we are often inconsequent too). The same thing is sometimes forbidden, and sometimes not.

I will reply to Andrew about friends, stolen photos and other things (with proofs) in Forum.
And I will practise this new word, if someone here is sycophant,then you are, Lisa. You are sycophant of Madame P.

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