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Originally Posted by emka View Post
I will reply to Andrew about friends, stolen photos and other things (with proofs) in Forum.
And I will practise this new word, if someone here is sycophant,then you are, Lisa. You are sycophant of Madame P.
Malgo, I believe this would be the wrong thing to do. It is not fair to nominate people in this way, and will likely just stir up more unpleasantness. You can let us know the names of the members who are stealing photos or uploading shots of relatives or friends, and we will act on it. If you were to start such a thread in the General Forum I would question if you are doing it with the best intentions. Other members are satisfied with writing to us to report TOS infringements and photo theft.

I think you can get a strong idea of Lisa's outrage at what has been happening - this strong response of hers is not what you would have expected. It does not come from any form of sycophancy, but from an open mind that can see some members only too keen to hijack forum threads and discussions to attack moderators.

In Leo's case, his last two uploads before his farewell shot were both conscious or deliberate infringements of the TOS. A member, no matter how well liked he or she is, can't act as if above the rules. Nor can a moderator. Reasonable action was taken; the decision we made was hoped to help him, and not out of any negative feelings at all. It is hard to see how any member can be critical of what was decided; in fact, some might think he received favourable treatment for his book cover photo. It is indeed sad to see him leave as I admired his shots of Burma and wrote some critiques of them over the years.

I think you should have realised by now that a lot of members just want to get on with photo uploading, critique writing and friendly social relations. And no doubt many of them would like to see some changes and improvements in the Trek sites.