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Default Re: you rate- I rate-rating system

Ironically, the you-rate-I-rate system could be the solution to the other problem of low quality critiques. This is where the idea of critique circles come in.

A good policy might be if you get a good critique, write one for that person that is of quality as it is likely to be appreciated.
Something I do too is if a picture doesn't have a good note along with it to fit into TE AND I see they have not written critiques for other people, I'll look for another person to critique who contributes and probably will take my comments into consideration more.

>>> Personally, I think points/ratings should be anonymous and the pictures score based on the average (and then need to be a 0-10 scoring, perhaps for different things too: image quality, composition, note, appeal, etc).

Critique quality might then go up. What do you think?
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