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Old 11-04-2012, 06:03 PM
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Default To delpeoples: Arrogant

Hallo Lisa!
Here's another German!
You simply should be ashamed about what you have written to Andreas! I never have read such a nonsense full of primitve hate ...

Old 11-04-2012, 07:44 PM
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Post No shame at all

I'm not ashamed At all. Read the hate he's whipped up against The moderators, the Greeks and the Americans. As a German I would expect more tolerance and humility. Sorry if I've offended you Frank, I'm sure we'd all like to re-write your country's horrible history, but we cannot.

Most importantly, I like alot of German people, there are good and bad like therest of us. But there is no excuse for arrogance, intolerance and hate-mongering. Of all races, the Germans should understand that, this was my point.


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Default not ashamed at all ...

Lisa, the first sentence of your answer unmasks your kind of thinking as your "comments" in the forum do. I fully agree with Andreas' answer to your unspeakable and offending comment. I hope that your verbal lapses will have consequences for you!
However, let's end this dispute ... it leads to nothing.

Old 11-04-2012, 09:05 PM
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Default greek!

Do I`m writing to a stupid non educated girl or to an adult woman.
I was told you are working as a lawyer and should understand what you read.
Please let me know
Be honest,did I write any bad word about Greece or it inhabitants???????
Did I say any bad word about America or it inhabitants.
Ok lets start a discussion about HUMAN RIGHT ILLEGIAL GUANTAMANO!!!!!!

I wrote:

"I hate my government and Europe for supporting Greece with billions of dollars while in Africa every day thousands of children die."

I accused the german government and the european community for supporting greece with billions of dollars.Greece,a country where nobody has to suffer from hunger or homeless,or essential needs,
Last year I visited the greece part of Cyprys (the turkye part ,too)and I loved it and before and after I spent a few night at a TE member´s house in Istanbul,he is muslim and we never had a problem,even when we met so far three times in Germany
Read my note:
My photo shows people from Linthar village at Ngapali beach where I have been four times so far and spent alltogether about 20 days.
There is no electricity and they have to carry fresh water from a well for about 500 to 1500 meters to their homes.
And I`m sure ,you`ll never want to drink this so called fresh water........I did not.....
I have seen in your intro from which country you have posted photos, all t he privilegded people like us except many regions in china.
I don`t want to sound arrogant,but please visit places where nearly no tourists go and see the real world of the non privileged people and build up your mind about the real world which is about one third of it and not bases on green smiles.......
As written on notes for previous uploads I`ll spend the most of the money for my previous upload( about 1000 Euro)for the locals
in Burma.
For my horsecartdriver friend Myo Myo from Bagan (recommended by a well known Te member),whom I `ll visit for the 5th time to give him some money to finish high school of his son l,for the home of retired people in Thandwe near Ngapali beach,for the english school at Linthar village (my previous upload) run by an australian wonderful and enthuiastic woman and anothere member of TE Who has running a project with children in Burma.

Does this sound like beeing a racist or even a NAZI
You can reply and I will read it with interest,but I will not reply.
I did my honest statement.
With all respect,have a nice start into the new week,and excuse my not perfect english
Old 11-04-2012, 11:49 PM
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Default Words are cheap and often volatile

Having been born in a country which disintegrated in a blood bath not that long ago, I am well aware of how hotheads can lead others to mutual hatred and ultimately to violence. Once we let go of our "civilized" veneer, the simmering resentments, the perceived "historical" wrongs, our sense of justice and injustice, our deeply held stereotypes of other nationalities and our thirst for revenge can and often do bubble to the surface. All one needs to do is read the daily news. Myanmar is a good example at the moment.

I am sorry to see Leo leave. His photos speak of the love he has for those far from our consciousness. All one needs to do is REALLY look at his human subjects and see the compassion and love he has for them. Whether he chose to correspond with five of fifty five TE members, that was his business. His images spoke to the rest of us, to those who wanted to see.

Having lost family members during WW2 I am all the poorer for it and so are my sons. One can keep spinning a cocoon of resentment against the wrongdoers and keep oneself imprisoned inside it while time moves on, faces change, generations change and a new world blooms all around- one in which compassion and understanding valiantly make sits mark. We need to recognize and encourage such efforts, otherwise, let us all go for each other's throats, even if it is on TE.
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Post Wow, I'm stunned

This is to Frank and Leo

Let me be clear at the outset, I am responding not because I think I am going to change your mind about this. From your comments, it seems you are beyond the capacity to realise your errors, change or apologise.

I am responding for the benefit of the other TE members who are following this discussion.

I have sat back in silence for a long time and listened to Leo's hate-mongering (and that from a minority of others here) - be it against specific races, the moderators in general or against specific people. Or even against the rest of us who are just too untalented to receive a Smiley from anyone.

I'm sick of this behaviour. I'm sorry that I am not one of your sycophants who just nods and allows this hate-mongering to continue. You are hi-jacking the site with your bile. It's people like you who are bringing this site down - not the moderators. Other people have tried to tell you very politely and mildly (see Costantino and Brenda's comments) and this has had no effect at all. You haven't even had the decency to apologise to them for offending them, just told them they were wrong.

Unlike them, I am not so mild. I will not stand for this hate-mongering and cleverly veiled racism.

I repeat again, you of all citizens should be more alert to the effect of hate-mongering and racism. I have not called you Nazis, I have stated a fact that you should be acutely aware of. I have criticised what you have said and how you have said it. I will never get personal with you. It is a pity you cannot show me the same level of decency.

You call me "stupid", "uneducated" and (if I understand you correctly) a child. Yet you say you know I'm a lawyer. Yes, I am a criminal lawyer who majored in international law with specific reference to international war criminology. Believe me, friend, I know hate-speech when I see it and you're TE's poster-boy for it.

You criticise me for not having travelled to "poor" countries that you think I should travel to (ie. those in Asia). Do you not see the arrogance and craziness in what you say? Or the narrow-mindedness? And how do you know where I've travelled to? Because I haven't posted photos from those countries here on TE? Perhaps Andreas, although you haven't asked me, it's because I think it morally bankrupt to take advantage of people who are in the depths of misery and despair by photographing them. But I'm digressing.

Tellingly, you do not answer my questions or respond to my statements about your photo that has broken the rules. You have no answer for the special and lenient treatment you have been shown by the moderators, yet you are happy to continue with your bile against them and against anyone who doesn't agree with you.

Tellingly, you say nothing about your poor treatment of moderators or your disgusting treatment of Madam Porteplume. You are silent because you would be defending the indefensible.

In 23 years of practising law and dealing with some people who have committed the most reprehensible crimes from murder, to rape, to terrorism, I can honestly say that every one of them has spoken to me with more respect than you have shown me or Madam Porteplume. Says it all really.

You tell me what a good guy you are for being nice to Myanmar people. Well I'm relieved. But my response to you is that you should be kind to everyone - and from what I see on TE, you are aren't. Being kind and not racist should not be selective. Myanmar people deserve your kindness, empathy and good words just as much as Greeks, or Americans, or Madam Porteplume - or I - do.

But you choose instead to insult me personally and twist my words. I have not called you a Nazi and you know it. There is no primitive hate of Germans on my part - and you know it. You and I both know of Germany's history, and yet I'm branded the racist for alerting you to the fact that you of all people should be very careful of any hate-mongering or racist insults on an international site like this.

I am a very mild person, Andreas. I am also very busy. This discussion has taken a significant piece out of my working day to answer. I am not writing to you for fun or to be gratuitously nasty. I am writing to you because you have offended me and others with your words and I want you to stop. I truly wish you would understand this and maybe re-think what you have said.

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After Lisa's final and very clear explanation I'll close this thread.

I suspect that some members are just "enjoying" that kind of discussions and I won't let them the opportunity to ventilate more mud-slinging...
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