To yquem46: Burma!

  • Hi Patrick!
    Thanks for your nice words about my photos and I`ll be back, ignoring the moderator team.
    How long will you stay and which places will you visit?
    Any chance to meet you there?
    I`ll arrive in Yangon on 24th of december and celebrate christmas with TE members Ryno and Andy Valadka [grebe1] .
    In any case I wish you a great travel and for sure safe time.
    Have a great sunday!
    Best regards,leo
  • Myanmar
    I'll stay 13 days but not in the best travel conditions that I hoped (I'll be in a group of 12 people !!)
    Going to the classical Yangoon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle
    Back to Bangkok, alone for 5 days on dec 17th
    I'll not see you there this time
    Hopefully on another occasion
    Take care