To joso: Thanks for your critiques

  • Thanks for both of your critiques, Joso. I wanted people out of this picture, so I waited several minutes for a second without them. They would have ruined the harmony completely.

    You Trekearth members seem so obsessed with sharpness that you must be right. Although I think that adding artificial sharpness in Photoshop makes most pictures worse. But that's just my opinion.

    And about crowd in the Costa Brava... Yes, the most popular places like Lloret de Mar are very crowded with the usual disco-going beach people. We stayed in Tossa de Mar in late August and it was wonderful. A historic town with just enough tourists to make it work. I'll post a photo of Tossa too later.
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    It was worth to wait for the second, Dia.
    I'm curious to see the photo from Tossa.

    Obsession? I don't think so, early a necessity in landscape photos as yours. Agree in part about artificial sharpness - but only then if one loose the measure, oversharpening, so that edges become that specific white lines.
    Scanningand and the problems with it - I struggle enough with them... From slides, from old negatives, where the slide/the photo on paper looks good, but after then, no matter what I make, I'm not satisfied with the result.
    I also become some critiques in that meaning.
    About postprocessing work - I'm not a great fan of it, for me photography means to take a timeslice, to keep the reality, how it is. There are so many possibilities to change, to modify - and that's not the reason for me.
    Some small corrections, if they are necessary, yes, but not to make the photo "pleasent". Cropping, yes, but that's an other story...

    Back to the sharpness - I like to examine the details, to see the structures, to have a clear image. To see the pebbles, the sand on the way, for example...

    I hope you don't mind
    Remélem nem haragszol

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    Of course I don't mind - persze hogy nem haragszom.
    Thanks for your detailed explanation, and please keep on writing your critiques - they are very useful!