To serp2000: Ahoj Sergeji,

  • Saparmurat Nijazov aka Turkmenbashi was my most favorite dictator (Turkmenistan, but I think you know) until his death at the end of last year. He could afford to do things which others wouldn't believe are possible. Some dictators are just people who want power (Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin during his presidency developed himself status much stronger than "normal" presidents usually have), while some others also like power but they are also fools - Fidel Castro, Teodoro Obiang Ngeuema Mbasogo (Equatorial Guinea), Muamar Gaddafi - and Nijazov was the king of those fools. You can be brutal and cruel but if people (or at least big part of all people) respect you even though you are obviously crazy, you must have at least some kind of human quality.