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  CMJC 2020-04-05 0:26

hello Bev! Ifind this shoot is really nice composed, the four peoples give some live and the pink color from the stones is quiet nice. good work my friend!

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Default To CLODO: human values

Bonjour Clodo,
It is a complicated topic.
First of all, I don't think everybody must believe in Jesus, but I find it quite surprising that somebody from the Western culture may be not familiar with major events in his life. The reason for it is that our culture has been very much shaped by Christianity. It is in architecture around us, in literature and plenty of traditions which also atheists cultivate. Well educated person in Europe should know certain facts.

Another point is that a lot of values which we believe today are natural, were actually brought to our culture by Christianity. I recognize that at certain point Christianity became also an obstacle on the way of social progress, and rights for women or people with different sexual orientation were achieved somehow against the conservative church. It is exactly because the Church is quite conservative, that I could not entirely subscribe to its teachings. I find it however quite ironic that western culture is so eager to forget its own cultural roots, blaming religion for all what is regressive, while at the same invite on a larger scale people practicing another religion.
So yes I see a dilemma here: religion brings out the best in some people but also the worst in others.
I agree the fanaticism in practicing any religion, whether Catholic or any other is the source of trouble.

There is one more thing which came to my mind reading your note.
I am scientist, and I was shocked when Catholic Church in Poland initially did not want to cancel church service, when other public gatherings were already prohibited. I believe in God, and believe God gave us brain to use it, and he created scientists to listen to their voice.
There is a saying among Christians: you should always act as if everything depended on you, but after that you should hope/believe as everything depended on God.

It was actually my scientific career which taught me a lot of respect to God (or fate).
One can only do so much.. and that is why I strongly believe in the power of faith as well.
So I wouldn't underestimate the power of message sent by present Pope to people around the world.

Kind regards,

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